Our Quantitative Approach

True knowledge building comes through the art and science of asking the right questions

Our data collection methods cover the full range of options, including:

  • CATI

    CATI - In-house 50 station CATI facility

  • Online Surveys

    In-house scripting and hosting of all web surveys

  • Mail

    Enjoying a quiet renaissance

  • Mixed Mode

    Combining phone + web surveys to provide the most representative survey coverage

  • Face to Face

    In house face to face interviewing team

  • Business to Business

    Experienced business and executive interviewers

Our surveys are conducted in house as we have a CATI phone room on our premise and a dedicated analysis team which can host and script all our online surveys, resulting in greater control of every project.

Our real point of difference lies in our drive to obtain valid responses from consumers in the first place.

We have developed some new approaches and have a number of proprietary techniques to attempt to minimise the problem of 'response bias' and gain 'true' quantitative measures:

Mixed Mode surveys- communications technology is changing rapidly, and we need to adapt in order to ensure we survey a good cross section of people. With the increase in mobile only households, we now seamlessly combine a mix of phone and on-line interviewing within a single survey to obtain a more representative sample, gain access to the growing mobile only households and provide more accurate results.

Timed response - by actually timing the speed with which respondents answer specially designed questions, we can get an excellent fix on the veracity of their response ('real' answers come more quickly; 'biased' answers more slowly).

Intuitive brand preference - a specific application of timed response questioning that allows us to measure the level of a consumer's intuitive preference (their 'gut feeling' preference) which is often what really drives choice.