Innovative Analytics

Analytic excellence can uncover inspirational new insights

Our in-house analysis team have a wide range of approaches and techniques to help translate quantitative data into meaningful and actionable insights that can drive decision-making.

Pricing and Demand Forecasting
We are well versed in the area of price modelling and demand forecasting having conducted price evaluations for:

  • Cruising market,
  • Internet Security software market
  • Entertainment (including ticket pricing studies for the Sydney Olympic Games and the Rugby World Cup in Australia)
  • Number Plate market
  • Food products
  • Alcoholic beverage market

Our analysis team use a full range of techniques to understand the decision making process and assess pricing scenarios and their impact on likely demand. Some of our techniques include choice modelling, conjoint analysis, price sensitivity questioning and the van Westerndorp Price Sensitivity Metre.

Customer Service
We help our clients achieve customer service excellence through the use of our proprietary Customer Attitude Response Evaluation (CARE).  This trade off approach embodies an assessment of what really matters to customers and how well you are performing on those things that matter.

We pride ourselves on producing segmentation models that work against your own data base, mesh with direct marketing systems such as Mosaics and Geotribes, and deliver models that can be effectively utilised by media planners.

Driver Analysis
Using a variety of analysis techniques such as regression analysis, factor analysis, and structural equation modelling, we can uncover what really drives customers to think and behave the way they do.