Our Qualitative Approach

Innovative psychologically based qual techniques provide inspirational new thinking

We offer a wide range of traditional and new age qualitative methods from group discussions, through to action groups, participatory forums, deliberative engagement, and collaborative workshops.

A few of the ways in which we gain rich insights into consumer behaviour are through use of:

  • Interlocking planet projectives

    – this is an excellent tool for projecting analogous worlds in order to uncover symbolic brand associations, levels of emotional identification and a range of other elements for a brand and its competitors.

  • Anthropological archetypes

    - a proprietary method of utilising underlying human needs to help our understanding and analysis.

  • Visual metaphor elicitation

    – Visual imagery can reflect participant sourced metaphors for the brands and their meaning can then be explored during the discussion

  • Response latency tasks

    - indirect, computer based tasks used in a qual context to explore intuitive feelings or unconscious associations.