Who We Are

We're a mid-sized, full-service  qual, quant  & community engagement agency with  a very successful  30 year  track  record.


Woolcott Research offers the benefits of a medium sized business with the capabilities of a large one:

- the company is 100% owned by seven of its working executives,which makes us fast, flexible and accountable,
- yet we are totally self-sufficient, with our own telephone call centre, internal analysis and web survey hosting, group & event recruiting capabilities and a good sized team of experienced consultants.


A service culture which places clients at the centre of our company.

A core focus on quality and accuracy in everything we do.

An innovative approach to our work, based on adapting new learning from the academic world to develop practical and effective new techniques.

A commitment to commercially focussed strategic outcomes that give our clients a genuine competitive advantage.

An emphasis on the quality of work - life balance for our people.