Innovative Omnibus

Australia’s only full service, mixed mode Omnibus

You know the situation. There's information you'd dearly like to know but you simply can't justify the expense of an ad hoc survey. Our full-service omnibus products could be just what you need. Because you share overhead costs with a number of other clients, it ends up being eminently affordable.

We offer two separate and distinct products:

Consumer Omnibus - n=1,000 adults 18+ nationally. Our Consumer Omnibus utilises a new age 'mixed mode' sampling method to provide the most representative sample possible. This method is phone based, meaning that it does not rely on the 7% of Australians who are members of on-line panels; but at the same time it does utilise an on-line component to contact the growing number of mobile only households.

Small Business Omnibus - n = 1,000 small businesses (less than 20 full time staff) nationally. The small business omnibus is conducted quarterly by phone, and covers all industry categories, except agriculture. You can buy one or more states, or a sub-set of industry categories to match your needs.

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